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See what our supervisors have to say about the skills and characteristics   of our Heroes!

Direct Support Professionals

Shanna K.

                Intuitive, focused, insightful, self-motivated

Maria S.

                Charismatic, approachable, adapts well to new challenges

Tiffany W.

                Stays calm under pressure and challenging situations

Samantha C.

                Empathetic, receptive to new ideas and direction

Connie W.

                Thoughtful, focuses on client’s personal preferences

Sawantha U.

                Extremely flexible, welcomes new ideas, a team player

Spencer B.

                Compassionate, eager to learn and make improvements

Victoria W.

                Reliable, organized, detail oriented

Dwayne H.

                Hands on, flexible, driven by individual’s success

Taybriona C.
                Adapts well to new situations, detail oriented

Amber S.

                Extremely dependable, takes pride in her job and has built genuine relationships with Participants

Tiffanie L.

                Creative engaging, flexible and adapts well to different settings

Theresa S.

                Very patient and kind, always energetic when engaging individuals in meaningful activities

Connie J.

                Strong work ethic, insightful and creative when planning activities for the individuals, as she recognizes their uniqueness

Lisa A.

                Consistently meticulous and organized with her work; resourceful and compassionate when engaging individuals

Keisha B.

                Strong integrity and extremely reliable; quick to assist her peers as well as the individuals she works with

Raven W.

                Has built strong rapport with the individuals she supports; fast learner and has an enthusiastic attitude

Lindsay W.

                Incredibly patient, considerate of those she supports and is very dependable

Ka’Niya C.

                Positive attitude; respectful and caring when working with individuals

David R.

                Commits to promoting the emotional and physical well-being of the individuals he supports; always eager to engage individuals in activities that are both personal and meaningful

8th Street / 2nd Street

Marcel B.

                Respectful of others and promotes the physical and emotional well-being of participants

Annette C.

                Advocates for participants to promote their equitable and fair treatment

Jeremy M.

                Provides confidential and person centered supports to participants

Myrleana J.

                Provides dependable and consistent person-centered supports that promotes physical and emotional well-being

Tyshika C.

                Encourages community involvement

Glen G.

                Demonstrates safe and healthy relationship building

Don P.

                Provides consistent and caring person centered supports that encourage community integration

Arch / H2

Dawn A.

                Provides respectful care

Morgan G.

                Provides respectful services in a kind manner

Tecia F.

                Provides consistent, dependable and caring service

Robin G.

                Assists individuals in becoming the best version of themselves

Takiara C.

                Provides youthful energy in a kind manner

Anna W.

                Dependable and consistent

Heather M.

                Dependable and provides consistent care

Latia J.

                Provides consistent care


Kia G.

                Promotes the physical and emotional well-being of individuals served in a dependable and consistent manner

Kathy R.

                Provides caring and respectful services

Gloria H. 

                Encourages participant safety with reliable care

Daffin / Cottage

Cassandra M.

                Provides consistent reliable service that promotes physical and emotional needs of individuals

Dana W.

                Attentive to and knowledgeable about participant needs

Cynthia G-M.

                Encourages well-being of participants

Lanni J.

                Dedicated, caring and reliable service

Latoria C.

                Ensures individual health and safety needs are met and accurately conveyed

Nichole A.

                Exuberant outlook on life

Mark H.

                Dependable, person centered service

Margaret H.

                Reliable and dependable

Tiyerra B.

                Dependable and willing to learn      

Raunkie M.

                Effective role model



Joyce T.

                Coordinator of safe travels for everyone

Kathy W.

                Best tour guide on the Eastern Shore

David W.

                Makes everyone laugh at least once a day

Bud S.

                Quietly brings joy to all of his riders


Purvi B.

                Dedicated to quality

Deborah G.


Samantha S.

                Emotional intelligence

Greg B.


Tiffany B.


Denise Wa.


Sue Ann K.


Denise Wi.


House Managers

Charles R.

                Strong advocate for individuals and employees

Jackie S.

                Demonstrates integrity and takes responsibility

Kerrie V.

                Assists individuals in becoming their best

Michael H.

                Desires to know more so he can give more to his staff


Nathaniel O.

                Positive attitude

Anthony N.

                Always flexible

Mary K.

                Always finds a way to get the job done well

LaJuan S.

                Always willing to lend a hand

Direct Support Professionals 

Chinasa E.

                Knowledgeable, patient, embraces mentoring

JaQuailia M.

                Creative, caring, willing to expose individuals to new opportunities

Kadiatu C.

                Extremely caring and nurturing towards the participants

Wilanda B.

                Presents tough, but will do anything for the individuals

Abdulai M.

                Always willing to listen and learn

Dorothy R.

                Always striving to promote independence through assistance and not do for individuals

Emelia O.

                Willing to complete any task in the best interest of the individuals

Mangiki M. 

               Consistent, reliable, and accepts all tasks without complaints


Mercy A.


Leslie B.

               Very knowledgeable

Hattie L.

               Goes above and beyond

Oladele O.

               Develops and implements fantastic ideas


Mohamed J.


Abimbola A.

               Awesome worker

Julie B.


Suh N.

               Enviable work ethic


Charles B.

               Enthusiastically accepts change


Tity S. 

                Always available to help

Shenia M.

                Quick to respond for assistance

Zainab C.

                Incredibly kind

Gladys H.

                Very communitive

Dorcas W-J.

                All around team player

Yabome M.

                Very detail oriented

Lydia A.

                Versatile hard worker

House Managers 

Iesha D.

                Always completes projects from start to finish

The Inspirational Invitational 5K Run, Ramble & Roll

SEPTEMBER 14, 2019

$25.00 registration in advance – online

$30.00 day of the race

Registration at 8a

Race begins @9a

Runners under 13yoa- must be accompanied by an adult


Family Support Group


CCI is hosting a Family Support Group that meets to discuss common interest and share information and resources. 


The next meeting date is TBD. 


Contact for more information.

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